Earth Unrelenting by M. R. Forbes. Narrated by Jonathan Davis


Earth Unrelenting is the second book in this series. Sheriff Duke is called upon to assist in finding a fugitive, Nathan Stacker, that fled Proxima and is now on earth. Proxima is a planet many from earth fled to a long time ago.

A lot is going on—the story transitions well from various locations and situations. Sheriff Duke is an Earther in the know. He is a very valuable person in many situations. Nathan Stacker is a worthy opponent, as are many others.

Earth Unrelenting is a face-paced action-packed story. I could not put it down. I love the Sheriff Duke character. The Sheriff is in another M. R. Forbes story. It’s great to be learning more about and enjoying this character again.

Jonathan Davis is a favorite narrator of mine. Davis does a fantastic job with this action-packed post-apocalyptic thriller. Davis gives each character an individual personality. I’m addicted to listening to this series along with the series itself. M. R. Forbes is extraordinarily detail-oriented. I’ve read and or listened to many of his books. I will not stop.

Phantoms by Dean Koontz


Can the small mountain town of Snowfield, California, disappear? It seems that way to the doctor of this small ski town when she returns home with her much younger sister. Everyone is gone. The few people found can’t share anything that happened to them.

Some bizarre things have and are happening to this town. Shadows. Flashing lights. Bodies. The source of this nightmare is well hidden. Dean Koontz has penned another nightmare onto paper.

The Trackers Series (Books 1-4) by Nicholas Sansbury Smith


The Tracker Series is a scary story. Korea sets off an EMP attack, destroying life as we now know it. Everyone is isolated. No help is on its way. The characters in this series are well defined and drive this series. The diversity of these characters keeps the plot exciting. A nurse, a. Sheriff, an Indian tracker, and his dog, to name a few. This is a fast-paced series I could not put down.

Blackwater The Complete Caskey Family Saga by Michael McDowell


I could not put Blackwater down. The Caskey family is a prominent family living in Perdido, Alabama, along the Perfido River. The saga starts in the latter half of the 1800s. Residents of this small town must evacuate to higher ground. The river which supports all the sawmills along it is flooding the town.

The Perdido River is an actual character in the Blackwater saga. It’s not a pretty river. It has a smell all its own. Some of this river is a black swamp hence the title Blackwater.

During this flood, Elinor, a stranger, is found on the upper floor of the only hotel in this small town. How could anyone have survived is the town folks speculation? Elinor brilliantly embeds herself into the Caskey family. Elinor is the only person that swims in the Perfido River, which adds to her oddness.

Blackwater is the story of a prominent family. The story of a town supported by the sawmill industry. The story of an ugly river. The story of changing times over the years. While all of this is going on, there is another story about a woman named Elinor. Blackwater is a horror story.

Blackwater was a wonderful surprise. I jumped into this book blindly. Dark Water was buried in my to-be-read pile (TBR). I started reading this saga, not remembering anything about it, only that I wanted to read it. A complex interwoven family story. Growing questions about Elinor. Who is she? You will be shocked.