Earth Unrelenting by M. R. Forbes. Narrated by Jonathan Davis


Earth Unrelenting is the second book in this series. Sheriff Duke is called upon to assist in finding a fugitive, Nathan Stacker, that fled Proxima and is now on earth. Proxima is a planet many from earth fled to a long time ago.

A lot is going on—the story transitions well from various locations and situations. Sheriff Duke is an Earther in the know. He is a very valuable person in many situations. Nathan Stacker is a worthy opponent, as are many others.

Earth Unrelenting is a face-paced action-packed story. I could not put it down. I love the Sheriff Duke character. The Sheriff is in another M. R. Forbes story. It’s great to be learning more about and enjoying this character again.

Jonathan Davis is a favorite narrator of mine. Davis does a fantastic job with this action-packed post-apocalyptic thriller. Davis gives each character an individual personality. I’m addicted to listening to this series along with the series itself. M. R. Forbes is extraordinarily detail-oriented. I’ve read and or listened to many of his books. I will not stop.

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