Sons of War 3, Sinners by Nicholas Sansbury Smith


Sinners is the third book in the Sons of War series. Sinners picks up where book 2 left off, continuing the action-packed saga. Much of the United States is unlivable. California continues to see an influx of people. Determining the good guys from the bad guys is a growing gray area.

Emotional turmoil drives most characters to go above and beyond what they would have done if not pushed so relentlessly. Book one set the stage when America turned on itself. Nuclear fallout made much of America uninhabitable. Life is hard for everyone. Sanity is precious—the fight over who will be in control of California builds to a breaking point.

Sinners wrap up all the loose ends from the previous two books. Book Three, Sinners, is an unpredictable story. I don’t know if a fourth book is coming. The author ends Sinners with a brilliant ending. I will keep my eyes open for book 4. Fingers crossed!

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