Shadow of Punishment by Jacques Oscar Lufuluabo


Shadow of Punishment is a complex, suspenseful murder mystery. The book is in two parts. Before and after murder happens. The author has built an entire cast of very different characters around a substance abuse clinic. These characters are the owners, employees, family, and friends of this clinic. The reader learns about all the different characters, who they are, and how they know each other. Everybody in this story has something to hide. They may or may not realize it. After the murder of a clinic employee, various law enforcement characters join the cast of characters.

Inspector Nardi is in charge of this murder. He enters the apartment of a dead woman—a clinic employee. Nardi is a compelling character bringing his baggage to this complex investigation. Inspector Nardi is the one to see things no one else does. Jealousy is an evil embedded with many characters. Everyone is looking out for themselves. Not the best characteristics in people. When this bunch of people’s lives intersect, many bad things happen. Twists and turns, along with some seemingly obvious situations, are ongoing. I love this story. Jaw-dropping ending!

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