Velma’s Gone Awry by Matt Cost


Velma’s Gone Awry is the most detailed historical fiction book I’ve read. The author, Matt Cost, has written a true account of the roaring ’20s prohibition era with a fictional detective story embedded within. 8 Ballo is the detective hired to find a wealthy high society young woman, Velma. This isn’t a book I read. It’s an experience I enjoyed immensely. The historical characters are iconic. The fictional characters are well-written. They all blend in well together, leading to an awesome plot that is full of twists.

Traveling with the main character 8 Ballo gave me a live view of daily life in Brooklyn and the surrounding areas. Stopping in at a juice bar. Finding a speakeasy. Clients walking into his detective agency. Gangsters, cops, reporters, regular everyday people are all included in this story as the suspense continues to build.

I received an advanced review copy of Velma’s Gone Awry. I am offering my review of this book which I recommend to people who enjoy historical fiction, detective stories, and fans of the roaring ‘20’s. I’ve never read anything like this book. I will be reading other books by this author.