Social Engineer (Book 1 in the Brody Taylor Thriller Series ) By Ian Sutherland

Social Engineer By Ian Sutherland
Completely new type of book about a man who is Social Engineer. He checks computer systems for weaknesses that would allow hackers in. He goes beyond weakness through a computer keyboard. He looks for weaknesses within the companies staff. He pushed his way into a job that he thought would help
him win over a girl. He is self employed and finds his own jobs through his own channels for lack of a better word. Good guy or bad guy. Maybe somewhere in between. Brody Taylor, the Social Engineer, takes the term life is what you make or to a new level. Looking forward to more books that will hopefully follow.
I voluntarily wrote this review. It reflects my own opinions. I would like to thank Ian Sutherland for this completely copy and introducing me to a new amazing series.