Wayward Galaxy 2 by Jason Anspach and J N Chaney


Wayward Galaxy books are an ongoing story. This is the second time l’ve read this book. Thrilling, fast pasted plot taking place in a futuristic galaxy.  I discovered some characters who are central characters in future books introduced here. Prisma is a baby held in her moms arms when her dad, Tom, returns from a horrible mission. I have much more insight into this story as a whole now. I was stunned when I came across baby Prisma.

Mayan Shadows by Craig A Hart & S J Varengo


Mayan Shadows is an action-packed adventure searching for the lost Mayan civilization with some interesting characters. Max and Axle are the main well-developed characters surrounded by quite a cast of characters. Archeology is Max’s profession, just like his dad. Axle is Max’s best friend. Together they find themselves in an Indiana Jones-type adventure. Through the book, Max and Axle get involved with some real characters.

Mayan Shadows is a non-stop suspenseful adventure. Some characters are odd. The author does a great job of using the characters to add to the suspense. This is an easy book to read and moves fast.

I hope Max goes on other adventures. I look forward to seeing what’s next with my fingers crossed.

Dusty’s Diary by Bobby Adair, Performed by Ray Porter


Dusty is one man making it in a post-apocalyptic world. Dusty’s Diary is his survival tool. Dusty may be the last man on earth. There are plenty of things walking around, but to survive, you must hide from them.

I had no idea what to expect from this story. I am happy I read it/listened to it now. Dusty’s story keeps the reader very interested in what can come next. Dusty is quite a character. He is innovative and determined to make the best Of his life.

Cyber Storm by Matthew Mather, Narattrd by Tom Taylorson


Cyber Storm is the story about a perfect storm in NYC in the 21st Cyber Storm takes place in an apartment building. Life in NYC. Significant snow storms plus a cyber attack leave people stranded. A great what if story. A what if that could actually happen.

Many different characters are put together in this apartment building setting. They are all detailed characters. They come to life through the excellent narration. It’s quite a journey.

This is my second time to listen to Cuber Storm. I remember what it was about and I really enjoyed but not the actual details. I’m going to read the next book in the series Cyber Space now.

Sactuary by Mathew Mather


After Nomad hits, people do live on. The new ice age. Survival is a precious thing in the new unfriendly earth. Jess and others must figure out how to survive. On top of that, people are hunting for Jess.

Jess is an extreme adventurer, but nothing could prepare her for life ahead of her and her supposed friends. Sanctuary has action, love, betrayal, and death. This is the second book in the series. Read Nomad first. Sanctuary takes place in the form of how many days after Nomad hit the earth. Sanctuary is a scary and exciting book.

Sons of War 3, Sinners by Nicholas Sansbury Smith


Sinners is the third book in the Sons of War series. Sinners picks up where book 2 left off, continuing the action-packed saga. Much of the United States is unlivable. California continues to see an influx of people. Determining the good guys from the bad guys is a growing gray area.

Emotional turmoil drives most characters to go above and beyond what they would have done if not pushed so relentlessly. Book one set the stage when America turned on itself. Nuclear fallout made much of America uninhabitable. Life is hard for everyone. Sanity is precious—the fight over who will be in control of California builds to a breaking point.

Sinners wrap up all the loose ends from the previous two books. Book Three, Sinners, is an unpredictable story. I don’t know if a fourth book is coming. The author ends Sinners with a brilliant ending. I will keep my eyes open for book 4. Fingers crossed!

Phantoms by Dean Koontz


Can the small mountain town of Snowfield, California, disappear? It seems that way to the doctor of this small ski town when she returns home with her much younger sister. Everyone is gone. The few people found can’t share anything that happened to them.

Some bizarre things have and are happening to this town. Shadows. Flashing lights. Bodies. The source of this nightmare is well hidden. Dean Koontz has penned another nightmare onto paper.

The Trackers Series (Books 1-4) by Nicholas Sansbury Smith


The Tracker Series is a scary story. Korea sets off an EMP attack, destroying life as we now know it. Everyone is isolated. No help is on its way. The characters in this series are well defined and drive this series. The diversity of these characters keeps the plot exciting. A nurse, a. Sheriff, an Indian tracker, and his dog, to name a few. This is a fast-paced series I could not put down.

Blackwater The Complete Caskey Family Saga by Michael McDowell


I could not put Blackwater down. The Caskey family is a prominent family living in Perdido, Alabama, along the Perfido River. The saga starts in the latter half of the 1800s. Residents of this small town must evacuate to higher ground. The river which supports all the sawmills along it is flooding the town.

The Perdido River is an actual character in the Blackwater saga. It’s not a pretty river. It has a smell all its own. Some of this river is a black swamp hence the title Blackwater.

During this flood, Elinor, a stranger, is found on the upper floor of the only hotel in this small town. How could anyone have survived is the town folks speculation? Elinor brilliantly embeds herself into the Caskey family. Elinor is the only person that swims in the Perfido River, which adds to her oddness.

Blackwater is the story of a prominent family. The story of a town supported by the sawmill industry. The story of an ugly river. The story of changing times over the years. While all of this is going on, there is another story about a woman named Elinor. Blackwater is a horror story.

Blackwater was a wonderful surprise. I jumped into this book blindly. Dark Water was buried in my to-be-read pile (TBR). I started reading this saga, not remembering anything about it, only that I wanted to read it. A complex interwoven family story. Growing questions about Elinor. Who is she? You will be shocked.