Sons of War 3, Sinners by Nicholas Sansbury Smith


Sinners is the third book in the Sons of War series. Sinners picks up where book 2 left off, continuing the action-packed saga. Much of the United States is unlivable. California continues to see an influx of people. Determining the good guys from the bad guys is a growing gray area.

Emotional turmoil drives most characters to go above and beyond what they would have done if not pushed so relentlessly. Book one set the stage when America turned on itself. Nuclear fallout made much of America uninhabitable. Life is hard for everyone. Sanity is precious—the fight over who will be in control of California builds to a breaking point.

Sinners wrap up all the loose ends from the previous two books. Book Three, Sinners, is an unpredictable story. I don’t know if a fourth book is coming. The author ends Sinners with a brilliant ending. I will keep my eyes open for book 4. Fingers crossed!

Phantoms by Dean Koontz


Can the small mountain town of Snowfield, California, disappear? It seems that way to the doctor of this small ski town when she returns home with her much younger sister. Everyone is gone. The few people found can’t share anything that happened to them.

Some bizarre things have and are happening to this town. Shadows. Flashing lights. Bodies. The source of this nightmare is well hidden. Dean Koontz has penned another nightmare onto paper.

The Trackers Series (Books 1-4) by Nicholas Sansbury Smith


The Tracker Series is a scary story. Korea sets off an EMP attack, destroying life as we now know it. Everyone is isolated. No help is on its way. The characters in this series are well defined and drive this series. The diversity of these characters keeps the plot exciting. A nurse, a. Sheriff, an Indian tracker, and his dog, to name a few. This is a fast-paced series I could not put down.

Blackwater The Complete Caskey Family Saga by Michael McDowell


I could not put Blackwater down. The Caskey family is a prominent family living in Perdido, Alabama, along the Perfido River. The saga starts in the latter half of the 1800s. Residents of this small town must evacuate to higher ground. The river which supports all the sawmills along it is flooding the town.

The Perdido River is an actual character in the Blackwater saga. It’s not a pretty river. It has a smell all its own. Some of this river is a black swamp hence the title Blackwater.

During this flood, Elinor, a stranger, is found on the upper floor of the only hotel in this small town. How could anyone have survived is the town folks speculation? Elinor brilliantly embeds herself into the Caskey family. Elinor is the only person that swims in the Perfido River, which adds to her oddness.

Blackwater is the story of a prominent family. The story of a town supported by the sawmill industry. The story of an ugly river. The story of changing times over the years. While all of this is going on, there is another story about a woman named Elinor. Blackwater is a horror story.

Blackwater was a wonderful surprise. I jumped into this book blindly. Dark Water was buried in my to-be-read pile (TBR). I started reading this saga, not remembering anything about it, only that I wanted to read it. A complex interwoven family story. Growing questions about Elinor. Who is she? You will be shocked.

Serenity Possessed A Alexander Shelby Thriller by Craig A. Hart & S. J. Varengo


Shelby Alexander is back. The former boxer/ fixer is always in demand. Shelby lives In a small town, Serenity. Shelby wants a quiet little town to get away from everything. Since the last book, some things have changed, but Shelby is the same guy he’s always been.

Every town has a story. Serenity is no different. A movie company is making a film in Serenity. The producer needs Shelby to protect his set. Weird things are happening. Shelby is not a superstitious guy. He has a bad feeling about the house which the film is about. Being a very reasonable man, Shelby can’t explain to his long-time friend and business partner, Mac, precisely what’s wrong or why it’s wrong.

This is a quick read. Serenity Possessed is my favorite Shelby Alexander book out of the eight in the series. I may say this after each one. The books do keep getting better. I hope there is a sequel to this exact one. Serenity Possessed is a cliffhanger. I’ll be impatiently waiting for the next Shelby Alexander and hope it picks up where this left off

Old Bones by Preston & Child (Cory Swanson # 1)


Special Agent Cory Swanson is fresh out of the FBI academy. Cory Swanson’s character comes from the Agent Pendergast series. Cory is on the bottom rung in her FBI office, which is the way all new agents begin.

Books Preston and Child write are among my favorites. Cory Swanson is a developing character. Cory is proving herself to the other characters and reader at the same time. Cory’s first field case is about old bones. Grave robberies and stolen artifacts surrounded by people going missing or possibly murdered.

I love this book as much as the Agent Pendergast

books. The second one, The Scorpions Tail, has been published. Cory Swanson owns this series. Pendergast may or may not make an appearance in a small role. Cory Swanson now has her series that is independent of any oth

Wayward Galaxy by Jason Anspach & J.N.Chaney. Audible by R.C. Bray



I miss this story. From the beginning, Wayward Galaxy had me hooked. The AI’s in this book are great characters. Alexa and Brody complement each other. I love Brody with that booming personality. All the characters are well defined. The confusion over pretty much everything is an exciting element. I hope to continue with the characters. I’m addicted. I’m hoping I will find book 2 when I search.

was published in 2020. Army Rangers are on an interstellar colony ship to escape earth as WWIII is going on. Eventually, other ships will follow to live on this new planet. The Army Rangers have many unexpected events to deal with, beginning with landing on a faraway planet.

I miss this story. From the beginning, Wayward Galaxy had me hooked. The AI’s in this book are great characters. Alexa and Brody complement each other. I love Brody with that booming personality. All the characters are well defined. The confusion over pretty much everything is an exciting element. I hope to continue with these characters in sequels. I don’t believe there are any available yet. I have my crossed. I’m addicted.

The Eyes Of Darkness by Dean Koontz


I read this book in 2014. I reread it in 2021. I didn’t remember any of this book. Now I will never forget it. The title has changed to Coronavirus, The Eyes Of Darkness Dean Koontz Prophecy on March 14, 2020. I didn’t know about this title change. I read the original The Eyes of Darkness published in 1996.

This book is freaky scary. A mom’s son dies in a bus accident going on a camping trip. That bus of kids died but not because of a bus accident. We lived through this. February of 2020 is in this book. One boy did not die. That boy is how his mom finds out everything.

The expression stranger than fiction is valid here. I couldn’t help wondering how Dean Koontz got so many details correct. The plot itself is a fictional story. The Wuhan virus details are spot on.

I am so taken aback that I couldn’t figure out how to review this book. I gave it five stars in 2014. Reading Eyes of Darkness in 2021 gets five stars!! for the omg stunning factor.

Never Have I Ever by Joshilyn Jackson


Never have I ever is a truth or dare game played in a group. The author of Never Have I Ever takes this game to new levels. Never Have I Ever starts in a quiet suburban neighborhood where everyone is set in their ways. Amy Whey is a happily married stepmom of a teenager living in this neighborhood. Her best friend is Charlotte, who is also a happily married mom who lives by Amy’s house.

The women on the block have a book club organizer by Charlotte. Amy is hosting a book club at her home. A new neighbor shows up on this night uninvited. She goes by the name Roux. Roux manages to derail the book club by taking center stage. Roux is a very pushy person. By the end of the night, some neighbors are very drunk, others very put off by her intrusion.

Roux and her teenage son are renting a house in this neighborhood for a reason no one is aware of. Roux is a mystery. She shows her true colors quickly. Roux has developed a skill few have. She specializes in finding out and exploiting secrets.

I loved this book. I couldn’t put it down. There are unpredictable twists and turns. Roux is a well-written character. Every time I thought I had Roux and the plot figured out, another layer of depravity added. Never Have I Ever is a book with an unfathomable ending.

The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian


The Flight Attendant tells the story of a 50 something international flight attendant who is still a party girl. A circle of friends watches out for her and takes care of her, making sure she always returns home safe. Her required rest time between flights is everything but restful when she wakes up in a Dubai hotel room next to a dead guy with no memory changes everything.

ThdcFlight Attendant gives nothing away. The reader is just as lost and confused as Cassandra Bowden, the main character. The Flight Attendant revolves around Cassandra as she shares her story with the reader. The author writes this novel as if the reader walks in the character’s shoes. It’s scary and threatening to be so alone and confused.

Cassandra just wants this to go away and does what she can to cover her tracks. This is only the beginning of the nightmare. Cassandra is a severe alcoholic, which does not help matters. That aspect of her life alone causes blackouts. As the novel evolves, the reader meets other characters. Some you never completely understand. The bottom line is never to leave any loose ends. Cassandra is a loose end.

The Flight Attendant is a suspenseful page-turner. The plot is original and unpredictable. When I finished Flight Attendant, I felt like I lost a good friend. I envy those starting from page one. What a journey this book is.