100 years old🤞

Write a letter to your 100-year-old self.

Hey old lady, you have been blessed with the love of many people. Too many have died already. Their love lives in all your memories and heart. Life moves faster and faster. Keep laughing, loving, and doing everything. Life has been far from the dream, but every day has been a treasure. Keep living, laughing, and be forgiving. My greatest joy is seeing those I love happy. I wish you to be surrounded by many loved ones and cherish every minute.

There’s more than one way to do everything.

You’re writing your autobiography. What’s your opening sentence?

I will do anything. It doesn’t matter if I can do it well or have no idea what I’m doing. I do not have to be good at things, either. That’s the point of life. I am enjoying it. Life is what you make it. I make the absolute most of it.