The Notebook of Doom. Seventh book in series. Written and illustrated by Troy Cummings. A Scholastic book.




The seventh book in the doom series. Alexander and his friends are off to summer camp together. The Ranger running this camp is an odd character that adds to the young campers’ weird experience. By the end of the book, the trio of friends adds a new entry into the monster notebook. Excellent illustrations add to the story.

The Notebook of Doom Day of the Night Crawlers Book Two in The Notebook of Doom by Troy Cummings.


Alexander and his friends Rip, and Nikki digs deeper into the monster world which exists in their town, Stermont. Alexander is the main character. He found a notebook about monsters. New to town Al doesn’t know what to make of this mysterious notebook which helped the trio handle the Balloon Monsters in book One. Book two answers questions as well as battles a new monster. There are new monster hunters in Stermont now.

The Notebook of Doom series is an early chapter independent reading book. 89 pages broken into 16 chapters. Entertaining illustrations throughout that spice things up. This series is my third-grade nephew’s favorite series.

The Notebook of Doom. The Rise of the Balloon Goons. Book 1 in the series by Troy Cummings.


Rise of the Balloon Goons is a third-grade reading level book. This book contains 89 pages for new independent chapter readers. Fun illustrations.

Alexander Bopp, AKA Al, is the main character. Al is new new kid in the town of Stermont. The book starts with Al’s dad bringing him to his first day of school at his new school. Things don’t goes as planned. Al must find his own way to school The adventures since dad can’t drive in. The adventure begins and doesn’t stop. There’s a map along with many other visual aids that enhance this book for a young reader.

Every time I see one of these guys blowing around, I will think of Rise of the Balloon Goons.