The Mad Hatter by Yvonne Mason

Fascinatingly Insane. Late 1800’s. You will feel you’ve traveled back to that time with the intricate details used to describe day to day life. This is the time of Jack the Ripper. Murders were not easily solved. During these days it was quite easy to be a sociopath as long as you had the ability to fake proper emotions and reactions. Social class is very important and getting what you require to maintain or improve your social status is paramount. This is the setting for the “I can’t put this down” book. The Mad Hatter discovered his talent at age 10. His dad who owned a hat making company was so impressed with this first hat he did not ask too many questions. Dad died. His son, The Mad Hatter, took over the business and excelled. Murders went unsolved. Beautiful hates were made. Until someone thought things were odd and started paying attention.