The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian


The Flight Attendant tells the story of a 50 something international flight attendant who is still a party girl. A circle of friends watches out for her and takes care of her, making sure she always returns home safe. Her required rest time between flights is everything but restful when she wakes up in a Dubai hotel room next to a dead guy with no memory changes everything.

ThdcFlight Attendant gives nothing away. The reader is just as lost and confused as Cassandra Bowden, the main character. The Flight Attendant revolves around Cassandra as she shares her story with the reader. The author writes this novel as if the reader walks in the character’s shoes. It’s scary and threatening to be so alone and confused.

Cassandra just wants this to go away and does what she can to cover her tracks. This is only the beginning of the nightmare. Cassandra is a severe alcoholic, which does not help matters. That aspect of her life alone causes blackouts. As the novel evolves, the reader meets other characters. Some you never completely understand. The bottom line is never to leave any loose ends. Cassandra is a loose end.

The Flight Attendant is a suspenseful page-turner. The plot is original and unpredictable. When I finished Flight Attendant, I felt like I lost a good friend. I envy those starting from page one. What a journey this book is.

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