Final Light by Derek Shupert, Narrated by Stacey Glemboski


The start of an apocalyptic story that isn’t obvious. Communication is down, and no one knows what’s happening. This story is told by the main characters in alternating characters. The individual stories within this apocalyptic event are captivating. I love this story. I hope it continues. I’m looking for the second book now.

Bell Hammers Audible written and Narrated by Lancelot Schaubert


Bell Hammers is an eye-opening, fast-paced historical fiction Audible. It should be defined as Wilson Remus’s (Remmy) story as told by his grandson. The Remus family lives in Southern Illinois. Oil is the backbone of the local economy. Bell Hammers is packed with the reality of growing up in Southern Illinois going back to Pearl Harbor Day. Remmy was a six-year-old in a one-room schoolhouse with 11 students total on that day. Growing up through Remmy is eye-opening and entertaining. I had no idea everything that happened in that part of Illinois. Big oil companies were taking advantage of the people and the environment. Remmy’s pranks are a part of this story. The reason behind these pranks is the meat of the story. I looked up many things I read about and will look for more books expanding on what I’ve learned in Bell Hammers. Thingd that did happen were funny, sad, or disturbing. Through everything, Remmy and his wife, Beth, continue their lives. Remmy is a tenacious, bright, and resourceful person, which is what makes this audible so good. His grandson, Lancelot Schaubert, is the writer and narrator. Mr. Schaubert is a talented narrator. I loved listening as he made each character come alive. Being a fan of historical fiction, the author offered me a copy of this Audible. I want the thank author because I loved this story. Schaubert took his interviews with his grandfather and turned them into an addictive Audible I couldn’t wait to listen to. I am floored by some of the actual events that took place.

Velma’s Gone Awry by Matt Cost


Velma’s Gone Awry is the most detailed historical fiction book I’ve read. The author, Matt Cost, has written a true account of the roaring ’20s prohibition era with a fictional detective story embedded within. 8 Ballo is the detective hired to find a wealthy high society young woman, Velma. This isn’t a book I read. It’s an experience I enjoyed immensely. The historical characters are iconic. The fictional characters are well-written. They all blend in well together, leading to an awesome plot that is full of twists.

Traveling with the main character 8 Ballo gave me a live view of daily life in Brooklyn and the surrounding areas. Stopping in at a juice bar. Finding a speakeasy. Clients walking into his detective agency. Gangsters, cops, reporters, regular everyday people are all included in this story as the suspense continues to build.

I received an advanced review copy of Velma’s Gone Awry. I am offering my review of this book which I recommend to people who enjoy historical fiction, detective stories, and fans of the roaring ‘20’s. I’ve never read anything like this book. I will be reading other books by this author.

‘Catch Me If You Can’ conman Frank Abagnale lied about his lies

Frank Abagnale Jr. — the man whose life inspired the Leonardo DiCaprio movie “Catch Me If You Can” — has spent decades lying about the lies that made him famous, from impersonating pilots and even prison time.
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Interesting article. Screenwriters help make movies impressive to make money—embellishment on top of embellishment. Abagnr, according to these facts, is not the mastermind. It’s still a good book and movie.

100 years old🤞

Write a letter to your 100-year-old self.

Hey old lady, you have been blessed with the love of many people. Too many have died already. Their love lives in all your memories and heart. Life moves faster and faster. Keep laughing, loving, and doing everything. Life has been far from the dream, but every day has been a treasure. Keep living, laughing, and be forgiving. My greatest joy is seeing those I love happy. I wish you to be surrounded by many loved ones and cherish every minute.