Serenity Possessed A Alexander Shelby Thriller by Craig A. Hart & S. J. Varengo


Shelby Alexander is back. The former boxer/ fixer is always in demand. Shelby lives In a small town, Serenity. Shelby wants a quiet little town to get away from everything. Since the last book, some things have changed, but Shelby is the same guy he’s always been.

Every town has a story. Serenity is no different. A movie company is making a film in Serenity. The producer needs Shelby to protect his set. Weird things are happening. Shelby is not a superstitious guy. He has a bad feeling about the house which the film is about. Being a very reasonable man, Shelby can’t explain to his long-time friend and business partner, Mac, precisely what’s wrong or why it’s wrong.

This is a quick read. Serenity Possessed is my favorite Shelby Alexander book out of the eight in the series. I may say this after each one. The books do keep getting better. I hope there is a sequel to this exact one. Serenity Possessed is a cliffhanger. I’ll be impatiently waiting for the next Shelby Alexander and hope it picks up where this left off

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